90.1. If necessary, improve these sentences by putting an adverb in a more likely position. If no improvement is needed, put a √.

1. We together walked to the end of the garden. We walked together to the end of the garden.
2. So far in my new job I have mainly had to deal with complaints.
3. I just have bought a new car. He speaks fluently five languages.
4. Jenny has been appointed recently Professor of Nursing.
5. I was totally unprepared for the news.
6. It was now time for me to make my speech.
7. He had been to London never before.
8. Susan became soon bored with the new toys.
9. John frequently was away from home in his new job.
10. They are at home these days hardly ever.
11. I could never understand why he got so annoyed.
12. We had been already given three leaving presents.
13. Being alone brought her usually a sense of peace. Although he's 60, he still enjoys playing football.

90.2. Underline the most likely adverb in this position in the sentences.

1. We often / in the park saw them playing tennis.
2. We before long / soon began to meet every week.
3. Ron had never / last year visited the Taj Mahal.
4. I totally / at the meeting disagreed with his suggestions.
5. The players yesterday / recently met for the first time.
6. We on Sundays / always play tennis with Liz and Adam.

90.3. Complete the sentences. Put the words and phrases in brackets in the most likely order for written English.

1. I last saw my keys on Monday ..... (on Monday / my keys)
2. She sailed .....(around the world / in ten months)
3. He was arrested ..... (at the customs desk of Bangkok international airport / last week)
4. He stayed ..... (all day / at home)
5. You shouldn't take ..... (what she says / seriously)
6. He walked ..... (dangerously / along the top of the wall)
7. The recipe uses ..... (only / the finest Indian ingredients)
8. She sat ..... (for a few minutes / silently)
9. We're going ..... (to Athens / next summer)
10. He waited ..... (patiently / outside the door)
11. They cheered ..... (throughout the match / excitedly)

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