Because of/due to/owing to употребляется для выражения причины чего-то, из-за.

Because of

Употребляется перед существительными и фразами:

He couldn’t come because of fever.
My son didn’t come in time because of his competition.


We were late because of (из-за) the traffic.
We were late because (потому что) we got into the traffic jam.

Owing to

По причине, благодаря. Owing to – не употребляется после глагола to be

My son couldn’t run owing to/due to his leg injury.
He was great due to his attraction.

Due to

По причине, обусловлено.

1. Употребляется со временным контекстом и обычно с инфинитивом или без.

The train is due to leave in 20 minutes.
The bus is due (in) at 8 p. m. It’s two hours overdue.

2.   A result of (по причине)

The boy’s injury was due to coach’s carelessness

3.  Идет после subject + verb (сущ. + Глагол)

We had an accident due to his carelessness.

Носители языка употребляют owing to (because of) в начале предложения.

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