1. The husband should bring most of the money in the family.
2. Women are less intelligent than men.
3. Football is for idiots.
4. Computers are very important in education.
5. Knowing English well is equivalent to a college degree.
6. The actual school system is not good.
7. Success in life means money.
8. Nationalism is a positive thing.
9. Talk shows on TV are useless and boring.
10. Husbands and wives should have the same educational level.
11. Friendship is the most important relationship in life.
12. Marketing and management should be taught in last two years of high school.
13. Doing a job that you like is more important than to earn more money.
14. It is much more difficult to do business in the East than in western European countries.
15. Business means trust.
16. Being a team worker is more important than to be a brilliantly creative person.
17. What job would you like to do and why?
18. Living alone can be an advantageous and good solution.
19. Multinationals and globalization bring good and bad things.
20. Where would you like to travel if you had 3000 USD?
21. Managers should also be excellent psychologists.
22. Church is a positive factor in our society.
23. Teaching is one of the most fascinating jobs.
24. Speak about your image of a perfect teacher.
25. Light drugs should be treated more tolerantly.
26. Democracy has bad aspects too.
27. Working in an advertising agency would be very interesting.
28. Guns~ pros and cons
29. Organizing a travel agency.
30. Camping holidays vs. hotels.
31. Big family vs. an only child.
32. TV is bad for young people.
33. What would you do if you won 1 million ?
34. Private English classes vs. group courses.
35. Capitalism is not a fair society.
36. It’ s not fair that film stars or football players earn millions.
37. A common Europe- is it just a dream?
38. High Street shops vs. supermarkets.
39. Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons.
40. Women are not equal to men in our society.
41. Smoking should be banned.
42. TV is doing harm.
43. Grow fat and be happy!
44. Stricter traffic laws could prevent serious accidents.
45. Parents are too permissive with their children nowadays.
46. Vicious and dangerous sports should be banned.
47. Compulsory military service should be abolished everywhere.
48. Childhood is certainly the happiest time of your life.
49. Examinations exerts a bad influence on education.
50. Tourism doesn’t contribute at all to the understanding between nations.
51. Living in a large, modern city- only a madman would choose it.
52. No one wants to live to be a hundred.
53. Equality of opportunities in a society- only a dream.
54. Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals.
55. People should not spend billions on exploring the space.
56. The most important of all human qualities is a sense of humour.
57. I6t’s foolish to give money to beggars.
58. Men are worse gossips than women.
59. Animals should not be kept in captivity.
60. Life begins at forty.
61. Vegetarianism is a way to find the way of good life.
62. The churches have nothing to do with modern life.
63. The United States of Europe is a fine ideal.
64. Teaching machines can replace teachers.
65. The customer is always right.
66. Emigration will solve our problems.
67. History is a purposeless activity.
68. Giving money to beggars is stupid.
Copyright Peter Szabo, The Thoughts of a Private Teacher, 2003
Copyright For and Against, Longman Group Ltd. 1973

Inventory management and procurement

Exercise 1. Check your knowledge of key terms in inventory management and procurement by choosing the best definitions for these terms

1. Economies of scale:
a) Reducing costs per unit by increasing production
b) Cutting costs by reducing output

2. Buffer stock:
a) Goods kept in store to cover seasonal demand e.g. Christmas sale
b) Goods kept in store to cover unforeseen shortages or fluctuations in demand

3. Factory gate pricing:
a) Transport costs are not included in the purchase price of a product
b) The price is lower because you buy directly from the manufacturer

4. Supply chain:
a) The close co-operation of all parties involved in the making, selling, and delivering of a product
b) Network of stores that supply customers with a wide variety of products

5. Tender:
a) An assessment or calculation of the approximate cost or value of a product or service
b) An offer for goods or services that follows a request for a quotation made by an official body, e.g. local government

Match the beginnings of the sentences (i-6) with the endings (a-f) to make definitions of more key terms

1. Lead time is the time
2. Procurement is
3. A retailer is a business
4. Customer order cycle time is the time
5. A wholesaler is
6. JIT - just in time is a concept
a) customers are prepared to wait for the delivery of their order.
b) of reducing inventories by co-ordinating the delivery of materials just before they are needed,
с) it takes to produce and supply a product.
d) an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers which buys in large quantities and resells in smaller quantities.
e) that buys products from wholesalers or manufacturers and resells them to the ultimate consumer.
f) the purchasing of goods (materials, parts, supplies, equipment) required to run an enterprise.

Exercise 2. Listen to an expert presenting an inventory management system to the managers of a large retail store. Then say which of the statements are true V_ or false X

1. The inventory system is called CPR.
2. It’s a sales-based system.
3. The system co-ordinates the flow of information and goods in the logistic chain.
4. Young Fashion has used the system for six years now.
5. Orders are electronically transferred to the warehouse. 6. The store has reduced transport and inventory costs by about 25 per cent.

Exercise 3 Listen again and complete the sentences with the words from the box

stock • lead times • replenishment • processing • generated • data interchange • point • schedule • inventory • retailer

1. Today I’m going to tell you something about CRP, that means continuous
2. I’ll also explain how it can be used to lower inventory and operational costs and to shorten product .
3. First of all, you decide what products you want to order at what level.
4. The system will use this information at the of sale in the retail store.
5. The leading Russian clothes Young Fashion introduced continuous replenishment three years ago.
6. With the new system all orders are by computers, which process data received from cash registers.
7. The orders are sent to the warehouse by electronic , where they are processed.
8. And finally the goods are delivered to the different outlets according to a
9. Since the introduction of the CRP system, Young Fashion have managed to cut and transport costs by about 15%.
10. Moreover, errors in order have been reduced considerably by using scanning technology and EDI. THE PASSIVE We often use the passive voice to describe processes, especially if we are more interested in the action itself than in the person who does the action. It is formed using the verb to be and the past participle (third form of the verb). We use by at the end of the sentence to say who or what does the action.

The goods are delivered to a depot.
The order is generated by the computer.

Exercise 4. Put the processes described in the presentation about CRP in the correct order

a) Orders are generated based on data received from cash register,
b) Goods are delivered to the retail outlet,
с) System is activated at the point of sale,
d) Orders are sent to the warehouse,
e) Orders are processed.
f) Sales information is transferred to the CRP computer system.

Exercise 5. Here are some more inventory management techniques. Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verbs in brackets

1. A system in which the inventory _______ (monitor), planned and managed by the manufacturer on behalf of the customer (often a retailer).
2. A system which is similar to CRP. It _______ (use, often) for products that need to be supplied frequently and in small batch sizes.
3. It means that orders _______ (transfer) electronically to the manufacturer. Then they _______ (deliver) to the retail store.
4. Real-time demand _______ (identify) by electronic cash register and the product movement _______ (co-ordinate) from supplier to the retail store.
5. Products that have similar characteristics regarding their selling profile (categorize) into ‘families’.

Exercise 6. Now match the planning techniques below with the definitions in exercise 5

a) DSD = Direct store delivery
b) CM = Category management
с) VMI = Vendor-managed inventory
d) CRP = Continuous replenishment
e) QR = Quick response

Exercise 7. Complete the job advertisement for a corporate procurement manager with words from the box

fulfilment • negotiation • 3PL providers • procurement • command • vendors • supply chain • relationship

1. We are looking for a proactive and dynamic professional to take care of our strategic procurement and supplier _______ management.
2. Reporting to the Director of Corporate Procurement, the successful applicant will be responsible for managing both internal and external customers and for working with the
appointed _______ .
3. While liaising with the _______ team, _______, and related stakeholders, you will also be involved in providing business support to optimize finance-logistics processes, order, and logistics costs.
4. Other responsibilities include providing initiatives to help maximize company business profitability and efficiency.
5. The ideal candidate should have a degree in management or logistics management with a deep understanding and knowledge of the China logistics market.
6. You should have at least 5 years' experience in a multinational company and you should possess outstanding skills.
7. Based in Macau, excellent of English and Cantonese is a must with Mandarin an advantage.
8. If you are interested in this role, please send your CV in Word format to...

Exercise 8. Read the job advertisement again and answer the questions

1. What area will the new corporate procurement manager head?
2. What are the procurement manager’s main responsibilities? List two or three.
3. Who will he/she collaborate with closely in his/her job?
4. What qualifications are expected?
5. What kind of experience is required? Can you think of other areas which are important in procurement? Discuss with a partner.

Exercise 9. Three purchasing managers are discussing strategies for negotiating with a supplier. Listen to the discussion and answer the questions

1. What kind of relationship do they want with the supplier?
2. What would be the benefits of such a relationship?
3. What market position does the company have?
4. What kind of products do they make?
5. What kind of agreement are they interested in? 10 Match the beginnings (i-6) with the endings (a-f) of the sentences from the dialogue.

1. How do you
2. I think we could
3. What are your
4. Yes, and I also suggest telling them
5. In my opinion it would also be important
6. Good idea. And why don’t we
a) to point out that we’re interested in establishing a long-term agreement,
b) that this a good opportunity to associate with a brand like ours,
с) feel about that?
d) lower costs considerably.
e) say that it’s their chance to enter the pharmaceutical market?
f) thoughts on that, Gisele?

What do you think?
How do you feel about that?
What are your thoughts on that?
Do you agree?

I suggest that we ...
In my opinion we should ...
Perhaps we should...
Why don’t we ... ?

That’s a good idea. That sounds good.
I agree.
That’s right.

Exercise 11. You have received the following email from the purchasing department in your company. Work out a few suggestions and reply to this email

Exercise 12. A Spanish courier company receives a quotation for packing labels and consignment notes. Put the words or phrases into the correct order to make sentences. The first parts have been done for you


When giving a customer a quotation it is necessary to include details on a number of things e.g. prices, discounts, and delivery terms.
Here are some useful phrases for quotations:

Prices Please find attached our quotation for...
We are pleased to quote as follows.
We can quote you a gross/net price of...
The prices quoted above include ...
We can offer you a price of... per...
Discounts We can offer you 10% off the retail price.
We allow a 2% cash discount for payment within 30 days.
Our prices are subject to a 25% trade discount off net price.
We grant a trade/quantity/cash discount of... % on our list prices.
If your order exceeds 2,000 items, we can offer you a further 10% discount.
Delivery Delivery can be effected immediately after receipt of order.
As requested, we will deliver on pallets to ...
We would be able to deliver within 10 days of receipt of order.

Exercise 14. Match the beginnings (1-6) with the endings (a-f) of the sentences

1. For orders exceeding 500 pieces,
2. We grant a cash discount
3. The prices quoted
4. As requested, we
5. Our prices are subject
6. The net price
a) will deliver on pallets to Rotterdam,
b) to a 25% trade discount off net price,
с) we grant a discount of 5%.
d) of this article is £25.00.
e) above include transport charges,
f) of 3% on our list prices.

Exercise 15. Give a customer a quotation by email based on the following details

GPS system ‘Road Navigator TX-2300’
Price: $975.00
more than 10 items: additional 8% discount
price includes 15% VAT
delivery within 6 days of purchase order
Strategic sourcing in procurement
Most companies and governments today are under increasing pressure to operate more efficiently. And many of them are realizing that effective procurement can reduce costs, improve processes and increase productivity.
In the past few years strategic sourcing has become a frequently used approach in this context.
But what is strategic sourcing? To put it simply, it means that companies are adopting a new strategy for how they buy sets.

Strategic sourcing is a systematic process of analyzing expenditures, internal and external influences, and finding out what kind of supplier relationships are necessary to help achieve the company's goals. Before the company decides to purchase a product or service, strategic sourcing is used to consider the total cost of a product or action, not just the price alone.
In the past, many purchasing managers neglected the fact that low purchase cost does not necessarily mean low total cost. In a strategic sourcing process other costs are examined as well e.g. the cost of purchasing, transport, support, maintenance, and disposal.
Leading companies have realized how much they can benefit from strategic sourcing, and many have already achieved impressive cost reductions.

1. What do you think of the strategic sourcing approach?
2. How are goods purchased in your company?
3. Do you buy goods for the company? What is the standard procedure?



1. a
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b


1. c
2. f
3. е
4. a
5. d
6. b


1. replenishment
2. lead times
3. stock
4. point
5. retailer
6. generated
7. data interchange
8. schedule
9. inventory
10. processing


1. c System is activated at the point of sale.
2. f Sales information is transferred to the CRP computer system.
З. а Orders are generated based on data received from cash register.
4. d Orders are sent to the warehouse.
5. e Orders are processed
6. b Goods are delivered to the retail outlet.


1. is monitored
2. is often used
3. are transferred; are delivered
4. is identified; is co-ordinated
5. are categorized


1. c
2. e
3. a
4. d
5. b


1. relationship
2. 3PL providers
3. procurement
4. vendors
5. fulfilment
6. supply chain
7. negotiation
8. command


1. strategic procurement and supplier relationship management
2. manage internal and external customers, optimize processes, order fulfilment and logistics costs
3. with the procurement team
4. degree in supply chain management or logistics management
5. minimum of five years in a multinational company, languages


1. more co-operative relationship, strategic partnership
2. lower costs considerably and work more efficiently
3. market leader
4. pharmaceutical products
5. long-term agreement


1. c
2. d
3. f
4. b
5. a
6. e


Suggested answer Dear Luke
We have talked about possible cost savings in purchasing in our team. We also think it would be a good idea to discuss this in more detail*
We feel there would be a lot of saving potential in some areas, especially in supplier management.
In our opinion we should:
1. choose our suppliers more carefully
2. establish stricter standards for our suppliers
3. co-operate more closely with some of our important suppliers (to achieve better results),
I'll call you next week to give you some more details on that.
Regards Mike


1. Please find attached our quotation for three new products according to your request.
2. Our prices are calculated on the basis of your forecast of annual consumption figures.
3. As requested we will deliver on pallets to Barcelona or Madrid.
4. For a contract term of at least two years we can offer you a discount of 2.5%.
5. In the attached quotation sheet all prices have been listed in columns according to your requirements.
6. If you have any further questions please let me know,
7. We look forward to hearing from you soon,


1. c
2. f
3. е
4. a
5. b
6. d


Suggested answer
Dear ...
Please find attached our quotation for our GPS system "Road Navigator TX-2300'.
We can offer you a price of $975.00 per item including VAT at 15%.
If your order exceeds 10 items, we can offer an additional discount of 8%. Delivery will be made within 6 days of receipt of purchase order.
If you have any further questions, please let me
Best regards


Logistics uses lots of acronyms. How many do you know? Test your-self by writing these ones out

FCL  Full container Load
3PL  Third Party Logistics
HGV  Heavy Goods Vehicle 
DC  Distribution Center
LCL  Less than Container Load
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
VAS  Value Added Service
RFID  Radio Frequency Identification
ISO  International Standard Organization
GPS  Global Positioning System

Exercise 1. Match the following words (1-8) with their definitions (a-h) below:

ordrer picking
reverse logistics
tracking and tracing
a) direct flow of goods from recipt at warehouse to shipping, bypassing storage
b) collecting and handling of used or damaged goods or of resusable transit equipment
c) loading goodes from one means of carriage onto another
d) selecting and assembling items from stock for shipments
e) packing goods in small sepratable units
f) picking of goods at a named place
g) receiving and storing goods
h) locating items in transit
1. receive  
2. equipment
3. carry  
4. assembly
5. location

Exercise 3. Listen to three logistics providers presenting their services. Complete the table

specializes intransport mode used
Provider 1 (6FT Global Carrier)
Provider 2 (Home Tex International)
Provider 3 (Cargo Express)

Exercise 4. Listen to the recording again and complete the sentences

provider • shipping lines • fleet of vehicles • air carriers • transport companies • documentation

1. We are one of the world’s leading _________ with a freight volume of 600,000 containers per year.
2. We can offer our customers competitive rates with all major _________.
3. With a modern _________ , we can ensure fast, safe delivery of your consignments.
4. Our services include order picking, packing, distribution, and handling of all transport _________.
5. Cargo Express is Asia’s leading _________ with a freight volume of 600,000 containers per year.
6. We work closely with of air freight services. around the world for the fastest delivery available.

Exercise 5 Complete the sentences with words from the box

happy • provide • range • specialize • major • ensure • customized

1. As a _________ non-vessel operating common carrier, we can offer our customers competitive rates with all major shipping lines.
2. We _________ in solutions for full container loads (FCL) and less than container consolidated loads (LCL).
3. As a specialist in home textiles, we can offer our clients _________ services to meet their needs.
4. Our team will be _________ to assist you in all matters regarding your order.
5. We can _________ you with tailor-made solutions for your air transport requirements.
6. We closely co-operate with air carriers around the world and can offer our customers a wide _________ of flexible and cost-effective services.

Now listen and check your answers


When describing a company’s services or portfolio, we often use the following expressions: We can offer you a wide range of...
We can provide (you with) customized/tailor-made logistics solutions for...
We specialize in...
As a specialist for/in ... we can...
With our many years of experience ...
We have experience and expertise in providing...
Our team will be happy to handle/assist you ...
With our dedicated team of logistics experts we can ...

Exercise 6. Complete the list with your own company’s services. Then present it to your partner using phrases from this unit

1. range of products or services _________.
2. specialist in _________.
3. experience _________.
4. extra services for customers _________.
7. Present the company’s services to your partner. Use phrases from this unit.

Exercise 7

Partner A
India Logistics Ltd - International Freight Forwarders
High quality international freight forwarding services from India.
Air and sea freight, distribution services, order management, customs brokerage.
Many years of experience in shipping goods quickly and cost-effectively.
Sophisticated software to prepare documents quickly and correctly.
Partner В
Baltic Logistics - Logistics Services
Offices in all three Baltic States.
Air and sea freight, warehousing and distribution services.
Integrated, flexible logistics solutions.
Team of 50 logistics specialists.

Exercise 8. Read the following text from a logistics company magazine about new trends in third-party logistics. Then label the paragraphs with the correct headings from the list

Today’s role of major providers • Changing logistics requirements for manufacturers • 3PL in the past • New challenges for 3PL • Change in logistics concepts Recent trends in 3PL

Until a few years ago, companies used to outsource only parts of their logistics operations to providers specializing in services such as distribution or warehousing. A single company sometimes had several third-party logistics providers (3PLS).
The globalization of trade and increasing demand for services, however, has ted to a drastic shift in logistics concepts and management with an impact on both producers and logistics providers.
As far as manufacturers are concerned, logistics management has become a lot more complex. By now, many of them have learned that outsourcing single segments to different providers has not really made their logistics operations more efficient. That is why they are looking for providers who can provide a higher level of service and more comprehensive supply chain solutions.
For 3PL.S all over the world, requirements keep getting more demanding with customers asking for a wider range of logistics solutions. Apart from that, logistics providers today are facing an increasingly tough and highly competitive market. In recent years, growing pressure on prices has led to a decrease in profit margins. In order to compensate for this, many third-party logistics providers now offer value-added services for their customers. Due to fierce competition in the 3PL market, however, experts predict that only the big international players will be able to work profitably in the future.
The big global players, also called super- 3PLS, can provide their customers with comprehensive supply chain or end-to-end solutions. These services usually include forwarding, transportation, consolidation, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution, as well as a range of value- added services.

Exercise 9. Now say which of these statements are true ✓ or false X

1. In the past, companies used to outsource only segments of their logistics operations.
2. Manufacturers found out that outsourcing to 3PL providers is not efficient.
3. In the past few years many 3PL providers have increased their profit margins.
4. Customers today are demanding more complex logistics solutions.
5. Super-3PLs provide comprehensive solutions to logistics problems.

Exercise 10. Match the words (1-6) from the text with the correct definition (a-f)

1. outsourcing
2. comprehensive
3. consolidation
4. requirements
5. demand
6. competition
a) including a wide range of services
b) details of what is expected and needed
с) contracting functions out to third-party providers
d) the need for particular goods or services
e) companies trying to sell the same or similar products to customers
f) the grouping of small shipments into one container

Exercise 11. Look at the three website advertisements for value-added services. Then complete the table

Exercise 12. Listen to two short presentations about online logistics services. Then say which of the statements are true (√) or false (X)

Express Logistics Online ShippingIntercargo E-Shipping
1. ... helps you book pick-ups and track shipments.
2. ... you can log on by selecting your country.
3. ... you can check shipment records for up to 6o days.
4. ... allows you to make price enquiries.
5. ... you can cancel orders.
6. ... you can download pdf documents.


When describing online functions or tools, you can use the following phrases and expressions: The price request tool allows you to obtain prices for shipments. E-Shipping helps you prepare/print/track/select... online.
To ..., Oust) sign up/register for/log on to ...
For price requests, please use ...
To access shipment details, click ...

Exercise 13. Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-6) with the endings (a~f) to make sentences from the recording

1. With Quick Online Shipping you can find
2. This online tool allows you
3. To use QOS, simply log on
4. After registering with E-Shipping, you can make
5. You can also
6. With a mouse click you can also
a) to plan shipments, book collections and deliveries.
b) price requests, schedule transport, and obtain real-time shipment information,
с) track pick-ups and deliveries,
d) download commercial documents in pdf format,
e) by selecting your town or region from the drop-down menu on the left,
f) the right service to suit your shipping needs.

Exercise 14. Three people describe how IT has changed their jobs. Complete their statements with words from the box

RFID • enter • track • mobile phone • device • digital • GPS-based • tag
1. Customer
Tracking shipments is a lot easier with SMS-Fast Track. Now I can use my 1 to find out where my shipment is. I just have to 2 my air waybill number on my mobile and wait a few seconds. Then I get a reply with the details of my consignment’s current status. It’s such a great idea!
2. Truck driver
All our trucks are equipped with a truck support system now. For me that’s a great help as I can always use maps that show me exactly where I am and where I have to go. Obviously, it’s also useful for the company. They can my vehicle at any time, see the route I’m taking and where I make stops. And what’s very handy for me - the system also comes with a camera so I can take photos if there’s a problem while I’m on the road.
3. Manager at a trailer storage yard
I work at a trailer yard where trailers filled with packaged goods are kept until they go out to the customers. The site is very large and we have four different areas for trailer storage. Until the new_6 tag system was introduced, it could easily take a couple of hours to find the trailer we wanted. Now it’s a matter of minutes to locate the vehicle we’re looking for. All we have to do now is put the_7 on a trailer and use a mobile_8 to identify it. It really saves us a lot of time.
4. A new tracking device for US postal services
An American company based in California has recently developed a tracking device which may help post offices to improve their services. It can be used to find out more about hold-ups and delays in postal operations.

The small tracker, called the Letter Logger uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to store information about an item's position in transit. Similar devices have been used in the past to track expensive consumer goods like cars, but until now none of these systems wcs small enough to travel in an envelope. Now that's all changed. As well as fitting into a US standard-size business letter, the GPS Letter Logger also meets other postal requirements: it is bendable and able to withstand rough handling. This is particularly important as the envelopes are thrown into sacks, then transported by van to automatic sorting locations where they run through high-speed shuffling systems. The tracker itself does not transmit its position during transit, but stores the journey log on a memory card which can be read by a laptop computer. The GPS device offers several programming options ranging from checking its position every few minutes to checking only when on the move. The Letter Logger does not help, however, if the envelope carrying it does not arrive at its destination within about seven days, as the battery runs flat after about a week.

Over you

1. Have you ever experienced delays in postal services when sending or receiving letters?
2. Do you think this device should be used in your home country’s postal service?
3. Do you know any other useful electronic devices in logistics and transport?



1. full container load
2. third-party logistics
3. heavy goods vehicle
4. distribution centre
5. less than container load
6. electronic data interchange
7. value-added services
8. radio frequency identification
9. International Standards Organization
10. Global Positioning System


1. receipt
2. equip
3. carriage
4. assemble
5. locate


1. solutions for full container loads and less than container consolidated freight, sea
2. home textiles, road
3. consolidated air freight forwarding, air


1. transport companies
2. shipping lines
3. fleet of vehicles
4. documentation
5. provider
6. air carriers


1. major
2. specialize
3. customized
4. happy
5. provide
6. range


1. 3PL in the past
2. Change in logistics concepts
3. Changing logistics requirements for manufacturers
4. New challenges for 3PI
5. Today’s role of major providers


1. True
2. False: outsourcing single segments to different providers is not efficient.
3. False: pressure on prices has led to a decrease in margins.
4. True
5. True


1. C
2. a
3. f
4. b
5. d
6. e


payment documentation product assembly packing/packaging other services
Maxwell credit processing literature fullfillment   pick and pack returns processing
Sichuan import/export cargo customs clearance kitting packaging services,export packing & crating -
GLX - building unbuilding polybagging shrink wrapping labelling.



1. True
2. False: log on by selecting your town or region.
3. False: you can check records for up to 90 days.
4. True
5. False: you can’t cancel orders online.
6. True


1. f
2. a
3. е
4. b
5. c
6. d


1. mobile phone
2. enter
3. GPS-based
4. track
5. digital
7. tag
8. device

Introduction to logistics

Make a list of all the different areas of logistics you can think of by completing the diagram below

Exercise 1. Five people give their definition of logistics. Complete the sentences using the words from the box

Listen to the recording and check your answers from exercise 1

provide • storage • support • distribution • delivery • maintenance

1. Logistics means that you manage the procurement and movement of goods and the _________ of inventory.
2. It means the _________of the goods the customer needs at the right time, in the right place, and of the right quality.
3. My definition of logistics is this: it’s to plan, organize, and manage operations that _________services and goods.
4. Logistics - that’s the purchasing, maintenance, _________, and replacement of material and staff.
5. Logistics is the planning and _________of operations such as warehousing, inventory, transport, procurement, supply, and _________.

Exercise 2. Complete the following table using the words from exercise 1

1. to provide  
2. storage
3. to support  
4. delivery
5. distribution
6. to maintain  
7. transportation
8. purchasing

Exercise 3. Now complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the table

1. In my job I oversee the _________ of vehicles and machinery.
2. Do they also _________ parcels and packages on Sundays?
3. Goods are normally bought in the _________ department.
4. We _________ a 24-hour delivery service.
5. This company only _________ goods by road.
6. We _________ all our goods in the warehouse.

Exercise 4. Match the definitions (a-f) with the words (1-6) below

1. carrier
2. freight forwarder
3. supplier
4. haulage contractor/haulier
5. courier
6. consignee
a) company which carries goods by road
b) person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for care
с) company that specializes in the speedy and secure delivery of small goods and packages
d) company that transports or conveys goods
e) company which supplies parts or services to another company; also called vendor
f) person or business that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to customers

Exercise 5. Listen to three people describing their jobs in logistics: a warehouse manager, a freight forwarder, and a shipping operations manager. Match each job to the correct person

Упражнение 5

1. _________ 
2. _________ 
3. _________ 

Now listen video again and complete the sentences

Person 1
1. My job is to the transport of goods either by sea, air, road, or rail.
2. An important part of the job is _________ with customer requests about the most suitable mode of transport.
3. My responsibilities also include _________ good shipping rates with shipping lines and transport companies.
4. I _________ customs clearance on behalf of my clients.
Person 2
5. In my job I have to _________ that the cargo is not damaged onboard the ship or while loading or unloading.
6. I _________ customers on shipping rates and prepare quotations for our sales office
Person 3
7. Another part of my job is to _________ with departments such as transport and production.
8. Apart from that, I _________ that vehicles, machines, and any other kind of equipment are maintained to a high level.

Exercise 7. Match the verbs (i-8) with the activities (a-h) to make phrases from the recordings. Then listen again to check if necessary

1. book
2. consolidate
3. deal
4. keep
5. make
6. use
7. check
8. take care
a) a number of shipments under one bill of lading
b) booking reservations
с) that health and safety standards are maintained
d) modern computer systems
e) space on a ship, train, lorry, or plane
f) where to put them in the warehouse
g) an eye on the budget
h) with all the necessary documentation

Exercise 8. Work with a partner to describe two different jobs. The phrases in the box will help you.

QuestionsDescribing jobsDescribing responsibilitiesRemember...
What do you do?
What’s your line of work?
What does your job involve?
I work for a major shipping company.
I work in the regional depot.
I’m responsible for...
In my job I have to ...
My job involves...
You work for or at a company.
You work in an area or a department.
You are responsible for or in charge of something.

File 01
Partner A
Job specification for position as store supervisor
1. Responsible for store and inventory.
2. Make purchase requests for all stocked items that are at minimum.
3. Receive and process incoming orders.
4. Ensure materials received are in good condition.
5. Inform customers of collection or delivery dates.
6. Check invoices against orders.

Exercise 9. Replace the underlined verbs with words from the box that have the same meaning

provide • train • organize • ensure • inform about • check
1. We supply software for the car industry.
2. I often advise clients on the most suitable transport method.
3. In mv iob I have to make sure that passengers arrive on schedule.
4. Mv iob is to supervise incoming goods.
5. I also plan the transport of goods.
6. I instruct staff.

Exercise 10. Complete the form with your own job details. Use complete sentences and expressions from this unit

Job profile: _________
Company: I work for_
Job title: _________
Main responsibilities: _________
3-5 key activities: _________

When talking about general facts and describing what we normally do, we use the present simple. It is often used with words that say how often something happens, e.g. usually, often, always, sometimes, every, etc. We use the verb do to make questions and negative statements:
I work for an international logistics company.
He usually spends a lot of time with his customers.
Do you ship goods to Asia?
He doesn’t work in the European office.

Exercise 11. Put the words in the right order. Use the correct form of the verb


1. an excellent / provide / delivery service / my company.
2. you / how much / handle / cargo / per year ?
3. to other countries / not ship / we / chemical products
4. responsible for / be / the warehouse manager / also / vehicles and machinery.
5. to foreign companies / car parts / this vendor / supply ?
6. usually / arrange / for companies / a freight forwarder / documentation.

Exercise 12. Work with a partner. Follow the steps below to practise this dialogue

A Ask В what he/she does.
В Respond. Tell A where you work.
A Ask В to give you some details about the job.
В Tell A about your main job activities. Then ask A about his/her job.
A Respond. Describe your job activities.

Exercise 13. Complete the crossword puzzle with words from this unit

4. Another word for freight.
5. What you store in the warehouse.
6. Work closely together with somebody.
1. Another word for organize.
2. To give information about the price.
3. Another word for supervise.
5. Send goods.

Exercise 14. Read this article and answer the questions

Over to You
1. Do you know any other countries with considerable export growth rates?
2. How does logistics play an important role in a country’s economy?
3. What do you know about the logistics industry in your country?


1. storage
2. delivery
3. provide
4. distribution
5. support, maintenance
1. provision
2. to store
3. support
4. to deliver
5. to distribute
6. maintenance
7. to transport
8. to purchase
1. maintenance
2. deliver
3. purchasing
4. provide
5. transports
6. store5.1. freight forwarder
2. shipping operations manager
3. warehouse manager 9.
1. provide
2. inform about
3. ensure
4. check
5. organize
6. train
1. d
2. f
3. е
4. a
5. c
6. b
1. organize
2. dealing
3. negotiating
4. arrange
5. make sure
6. advisebr
7. liaise
8. ensure
1. My company provides an excellent delivery service.
2. How much cargo do you handle per year?
3. We do not ship chemical products to other countries.
4. The warehouse manager is also responsible for vehicles and machinery.
5. Does this vendor supply car parts to foreign companies?
6. A freight forwarder usually arranges documentation for companies.
4. cargo
5. stock
6. liaise
1. plan
2. quote
3. monitor
5. ship
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